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B.Bacharach: Raindrops keep falling on my head (from Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid) *

Barry, Norman, McCartney: 007 medley (from James Bond´s movies)*4

L.Bonfa: A Day in the Life of a Fool (from Black Orfeus) *

N.H.Brown, J.Cullum: Singing in the rain (from Singing in the rain) *2

Harburg, Arlen: Over the rainbow (from The Wizzard of Ozz) *2

P.Hewson, D.H.Evans: Golden eye (from Golden eye) *4

S.Joplin: The Entertainer (from The Sting)*

F.Lai: The man and the woman (from The man and the woman) *

H.Mancini: Moon river (from Breakfast at Tiffany´s) *3

H.Mancini: The pink panther (from The pink panther) *2

E.Morricone: A man with harmonica (from Once upon a time in the west) *2

E.Morricone: Chi Mai (from Pióvra) *2

E.Morriconne: My name is nobody (from My name is nobody) *2

J.Morris, F.Parris, J.DeNicola,D.Markowitz: Dirty dancing medley (from Dirty dancing) *

S.Phillips, L.Gelbart, B.Metcalf, J.Immel: TV series medley (from Knight rider, M.A.S.H., Dallas) *2

P.Prado: Patricia (from The third man) *2


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