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B.Bacharach: The look of love (from Casino Royale) *3

B.Cason, M.Gayden: Everlasting love *2

B.R.M.Gibb: How deep is your love *2

F.Lai: Love story (from Love story) *6

J.Lennon, P.McCartney: And I Love Her *

C.Stevens: Love is in the air (from Strictly ballroom) *2

Sting: If you love somebody *3

H.Stothart, H.Ruby, B.Kalmar: I wanna be loved by you (from Someone like it hot) *2

J.VanHeusen, S.Cahn: Love & marriage *3

A.L.Webber: I don´t know how to love him (from Jesus Christ Superstar) *

S.Wonder: Part time lover *3


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